The Balance Research Foundation (BRF) Board of Directors manages the operations of the Foundation in accordance with its stated Mission and Purpose. The voluntary, independent and self-perpetuating board is composed of researchers, fund raising experts and representatives of business and industry.



Jean-Pierre Farcy, MD - President

Chief of Research, Maimonides Medical Center, NY
Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, NYU

Dr. Farcy has been dedicated to a better understanding of Spine Balance since more than 20 years. His clinical and scientific experience lead him to consider Balance as a broader issue with multiple ramifications controlling not only the musculo-skeletal system, but also interacting with brain plasticity.


Alain Berthoz, MD – Board Member

Alain Berthoz est un ingénieur et neurophysiologie français, membre de l'Académie des sciences, de l'Académie des technologies et professeur honoraire au Collège de France.


Jean Dubousset, MD – Board Member

Spine pediatric orthopaedic surgeon
Active member of the French Academy of Medicine

Dr. Dubousset life is dedicated to the care of children. He has obtained world recognition for his research and the numerous concepts he has developed and published. Dr. Dubousset has a deep understanding of the Balance concept which he intuitively used in his clinical practice more than 30 years ago.

balance directors robert epstein

Robert Epstein, MD - Board Member

Senior Vice President, Medical & Analytical Affairs, and Chief Medical Officer at Medco

Dr. Epstein is Senior Vice President of Medical & Analytical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer at Medco. Dr. Epstein was trained as an epidemiologist, and worked in public health and academia before joining the private sector. He is past elected President of the International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research.


Terry Spaeth - Board Member

President Control Associates, Inc. NJ

Mr. Spaeth's firm specializes in providing advanced process automation systems, instrumentation and controls. A key focus market is the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, where they have successfully engineered and implemented an extensive portfolio of process automation projects. Mr. Spaeth's applied technology experience and analytical view as an outsider of the medical field is highly appreciated and valuable as a member of the BRF scientific committee.


Gerard Saillant, MD - Board Member

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Paris - France
CEO of "Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Epiniere", Paris – France

A former professor of orthopedic surgery, dean of the Medical school, chairman of orthopedic department at Pitie-Salpetriere since 1993, Dr. Saillant is a world renowned specialist of sport medicine and spinal surgery.


Sarah Donahue
Vice-President, Director of Development

Owner and President at Farcy Creative Solutions

Sarah brings a decade of philanthropic fund raising experience to the Balance Research Foundation.  She has volunteered to set up events and build awareness for the organization.